‘At Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre we treat over 7000 animals each year, hundreds of those being babies. Incubators are a vital piece of equipment, that are lifesaving to so many of the injured and orphaned wildlife in our care. When a baby animal comes through our doors, they require an incubator immediately after assessment, and subsequently going forward to replace the warmth normally provided by a nest or mum.

We use a range of incubator sizes for all kinds of animals, however the TLC-30 is ideal for our smaller casualties, such as baby mice or small birds. It provides a compact, warm space which can help reduce the stress of being in a new environment. It has easy to use controls to monitor and adjust the temperature as required, this is essential when preparing to take animals out of heat, by being able to lower the temperature gradually it reduces the baby’s dependence on the incubator and encourages them to thermoregulate.


Vale Wildlife use both the TLC-30 Eco and the TLC-30 Advance incubators.

Vale Wildlife use both the TLC-30 Eco and the TLC-30 Advance incubators.

Like many wildlife hospitals in spring and summer, our incubators and patient rooms soon fill up. The compact design and stack-ability of the TLC-30 is extremely useful, reducing the space needed to store them, whilst increasing our casualty capacity. The portable design also enables our care assistants to easily take animals home, which is essential as many of the babies often require regularly feeding day and night.

The internal surfaces and door are easy to clean, helping our ability to have a quick turn around with patients, whilst ensuring we are able to provide a safe and clean environment for every casualty.’


Natalie Gould

Vale Wildlife Hospital & Rehabilitation Centre


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