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Maxi II Eco Incubator
  • £148.86
  • £124.05 ex
NEW - Maxi 24 Advance Incubator
  • £190.80
  • £159.00 ex
NEW - Maxi 24 EX Incubator
  • £233.20
  • £194.33 ex

40 years of experience goes into every Brinsea product

This is my third Brinsea incubator and I can safely say you should look no further when buying an incubator. Brinsea incubators are so reliable, and if you do have issues the support line are always quick...
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Thank you for your quick response and for the very clear diagram which even an old guy like me can follow. Thank you for a great product which coupled with the incubator have given two old fools a couple...
Ivor Fletcher, Co. Antrim
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Thank you for repairing and returning the auto turning cradle from my Eco20 incubator - the problem, I hasten to point out, was not due to a manufacturing fault on the part of Brinsea. I am pleased to...
Ken Holbrook
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