‘The Highland Homestead is our small family run farm in Moray, Scotland. It has always been our dream to have a homestead where we could raise our four young children, grow our own food and provide home grown fresh produce to locals. We finally got the chance to make that dream a reality a when we made the 600 mile move from England to the Highlands last summer.

Our main focus is on preserving rare breeds listed by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust as well as providing farm fresh produce from our two-acre market garden. We currently have two Kunekune sows, four pedigree Shetland sheep that provide us with amazing wool to spin and high-quality meat for the table and a range of poultry from chickens to guinea fowl. In our poultry flocks we have several rare breed chickens that our Brinsea Mini Eco II and Maxi Eco II are helping to hatch lots of beautiful new chicks, as well as a rainbow egg laying flock and our giant Brahma. Currently we have some rare breed Shetland duck eggs in our Brinsea Mini Eco II, so we are very excited to see how they turn out. Our aim is to sell hatching eggs as well as chicks and point of lay chickens to the local community to promote rare breeds and their benefits, something we are keen to do with the help of Brinsea and their wonderful hatching equipment.

Brinsea kindly reached out to us and offered to help our hatching adventures with a semi-automatic turning kit for our Mini Eco II incubator. We were thrilled, no more manually turning eggs and with one simple action we could turn them all at once, definitely a time saver!


Amy from The Highland Homestead

Installation was simple and quick, there is also a great YouTube video on their channel that guides you through it for any visual learners! The turning egg disk works on a cog system, so you turn the dial fully one way to turn the eggs and then when you come back to rotate them again you simply have to turn the dial the other way. No fussing with remembering which way you need to turn it and so simple. It’s perfect for those who have a manual incubator but also want the efficiency of a semi-automatic.

We really loved trying this product and found that it did save us quite a bit of time when turning all of our eggs, it also meant that we didn’t have to lift the lid to turn the eggs, therefore maintaining the temperature and humidity! We thought it was especially useful for those for hatching chicken eggs, we feel that duck eggs are better turned manually. This is a game changer and one we will definitely be using for every chicken egg hatch in the future. We cannot recommend Brinsea and this wonderful product enough!’

Amy Kingston

The Highland Homestead


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