This is an important reminder about the use of incubators and oxygen after speaking to a hedgehog rescue and also seeing a post on Instagram of an oxygen tube being fed into a Brinsea TLC.

Elevated oxygen concentration can be a vital tool in the successful recovery of animals from a variety of conditions but when combined with other elements of an intensive care unit (electronics, fans, heaters, etc.) it can pose a very real fire risk if the hazards aren’t properly controlled and the intensive care unit isn’t especially designed for this purpose.

Incubators need to conform to the oxygen fire safety clauses of the current EN 60601-1:2006 + corrigenda 2006 & 2007 standard (to get very technical). Only Brinsea’s Vetario T40M and T50M incubators conform to this standard and have been assessed by BSI as being appropriate for the risks involved.
Please do not use oxygen in your TLC incubator. If you want to purchase an incubator that you can use oxygen with please visit our dedicated Vetario website: – the ‘M’ (medical) oxygen compatible incubators are more expensive to buy, but they have additional technology and safety features built in to ensure they comply with current regulations for oxygen use. Other manufacturers produce machines that claim to be compatible with oxygen, but please do your research first to confirm that they fully comply with current legislation.

Brinsea’s TLC incubators have additional safety labels on the cabinet to remind users not to use oxygen in them.

If you have any questions about oxygen use or TLC incubators in general please contact us.

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