We received a message over the weekend from a TLC-30 owner who was having problems with their new TLC-30 and their in-car adaptor lead. The adaptor lead wasn’t providing any power to the TLC, and they needed it to work urgently. We were obviously very concerned that one of our products could have failed, and after a few questions it became fairly obvious to us that the adaptor almost certainly wasn’t one of our but a generic product bought from a different supplier. The customer didn’t know where the lead had come from as the TLC had been purchased by someone else and they agreed to pay for the replacement lead if it wasn’t a Brinsea supplied one. We needed to investigate this further and so we managed to get a replacement lead sent out to our customer who in turn, sent the lead that didn’t work back to us. From the photo you can clearly see that the lead at the top is different in so many ways to the one that we supply.


In-car charger comparison


Brinsea supply 12 Volt in-car adaptor leads with the car accessory socket, they come with an LED indicator and have a replaceable fuse – the cables are 3.5 metre long.  The lead is made from strong cable and has appropriately rated connectors to ensure minimal voltage drop. The connectors have fully-moulded strain relief bushings to make them strong enough for harsh use. Brinsea’s in-car adaptors have the correct protective safety features to work with our products and carry traceable 3rd party approvals for product safety. They are also certified as complying with the latest requirements for energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Using a generic power cable purchased from another supplier is not recommended by Brinsea. The use of non-approved cables may create an increased risk of fire or electric shock, and may actually cause damage to your incubator.  Any damage caused by the use of an incorrect cable will invalidate the product guarantee.

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It has been a pleasure doing business with your company. It’s a pity that not all companies have the same high standard of service as your company has.
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I would like to say a HUGE thank you to you and your team who completely surprised me by sending both my outstanding items sooner than advised or anticipated. I have just sold my own small business a couple...
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I would also like to say a big thanks for all your help this morning, it was great to be able to quickly speak to someone who understood the situation and had a great wealth and depth of knowledge of the...
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