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OvaView Egg Candling Lamp
  • £23.18
  • £19.32 ex
OvaView High Intensity Egg Candling Lamp
  • £37.07
  • £30.89 ex
OvaScope - Aid to Egg Candling
  • £21.01
  • £17.51 ex
OvaView and OvaScope Pack
  • £36.80
  • £30.67 ex

40 years of experience goes into every Brinsea product

Thank you for repairing and returning the auto turning cradle from my Eco20 incubator - the problem, I hasten to point out, was not due to a manufacturing fault on the part of Brinsea. I am pleased to...
Ken Holbrook
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I breed pure and rare poultry and have been using Brinsea Octagon 20’s for nearly 20 years. I currently have 3 Octagon Eco and 2 Octagon Advance units and find them to be very reliable machines with...
William D
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Brinsea all the way. Not just because it's cracking equipment that's safe. But it's a uk business too. And you've gotta spend money in the uk if you can. Well done to you guys for being market...

Damien Russell
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