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OvaView Egg Candling Lamp
  • £25.81
  • £21.51 ex
OvaView High Intensity Egg Candling Lamp
  • £41.26
  • £34.38 ex
OvaScope - Aid to Egg Candling
  • £23.39
  • £19.49 ex
OvaView and OvaScope Pack
  • £40.96
  • £34.13 ex

40 years of experience goes into every Brinsea product

I am pleased to inform you that both incubators (OvaEasy 38o Advance EX and OvaEasy 190 Advance EX) were delivered in very good condition. We commissioned both of them and we have had what we can call...
Dr. Peter S Bahame & Robert F. Bahame, Tanzania
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Absolutely fantastic customer service, any issue big or small they have resolved as quickly as possible, no questions and honour their warranty beyond expectations.
Tamara Hick
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I like to breed the best and to get the best results we use the best equipment. I have used Brinsea for the last 10 years and started with the Octagon 10 then had octagon 20 then 40 we now have 2 x 380's!...
Bev's Rare Breed Poultry
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