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OvaView Egg Candling Lamp
  • £29.88
  • £24.90 ex
OvaView High Intensity Egg Candling Lamp
  • £47.77
  • £39.81 ex
OvaScope - Aid to Egg Candling
  • £27.07
  • £22.56 ex
OvaView and OvaScope Pack
  • £47.41
  • £39.51 ex

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My Maxi 24 EX is the best incubator I have ever used - it is SO easy! Now just to save up for a bigger one!
Paula - Martins Wood Farm
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Thank you so much for all your help, and advice. Your customer service is amazing, you have always answered my E Mails nearly by return, and have always answered my questions. Not only that, but although...
Carol C
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You guys are simply amazing! Thank you so much again for such a stunning service! I will get on and order some more Guinea Fowl eggs for Alfie! Very best wishes Sarah
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