Edie, who is only 8 years old, has already raised over £1,000 to buy two TLC-50 incubators for Pickering Hedgehog Rescue, run by Daryn Hagemann. Edie made and sold flower and hedgehog-shaped soap and also did a sponsored bike ride to raise money for the incubators.

Brinsea’s Managing Director, Ian Pearce, was so impressed with Edie’s efforts to raise money for the rescue that he donated another incubator to her in recognition of her hard work. Deryn told Brinsea that a TLC-30 would allow her to collect any injured hogs or hoglets in the car as they are designed to be portable and can be used with an in-car power adaptor or in the recue via the mains supply. The incubator can be heating up on the way to collect the poorly hedgehog or hoglet, and be at just the right temperature to allow them to gradually warm up whilst they are transported back to the rescue.

Ian said, ‘Edie has worked tremendously hard to raise money for a cause that she is passionate about. We are so impressed with her dedication to hedgehogs that we thought we would make a donation to the rescue on her behalf. We hope that our portable TLC-30 incubator will help Deryn to provide the best possible environment to help hedgehogs and hoglets to make a good recovery.’

Edie and the new Brinsea TLC-30 incubator

Edie’s mum, Toni, told us that Edie’s fundraising efforts are continuing this year. Edie is planning to walk 1,000 miles over the course of the 2021 to raise even more money for the hedgehog rescue. Edie has definitely earned the title of Hedgehog Hero!

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