If I need help with my Connect product what can I do?

We have a Connect troubleshooting page where you can find help with any issues you might have. If you still need help after reading this page please contact us and our customer support team will be happy to help you.

What does the Brinsea Connect App do?

The Brinsea Connect app is an easy way to set up, monitor and control your Brinsea incubator using your smartphone or device.

Where can I get the Brinsea Connect App?

Search for Brinsea on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your device.

How do I create a Brinsea Connect Account?

Install the Brinsea Connect App on your device and follow the on-screen instructions.

What personal data do you collect?

We only need a working email address to authenticate your account and a password of your choice. The password is securely stored and we have no access to it.

Does the app collect information? What will my information be used for?

The app needs to identify your Brinsea Connect incubator using its serial number. It also temporarily needs your home Wi-Fi password so that the incubator can connect to our servers using your secure Wi-Fi. The app copies the latest information on the incubator settings and its current temperature, humidity and alarm status and stores them securely on the Brinsea Connect Server. The data is securely stored. We can see only the current incubator data, purely for customer support purposes.

Is my data safe over Wi-Fi?

This data is securely encrypted.

Where is my data stored? Who has access to my data?

Your home Wi-Fi ID and password are securely stored only in your incubator. A copy of your account email address and incubator’s current status and settings are encrypted in transport and securely stored in GDPR compliant cloud services.

As part of our support service, Brinsea has access to only the account email address and most recently received incubator data, purely for customer support purposes. No person has access to passwords.

How does the Brinsea Connect App work?

The Brinsea Connect incubator uses your home Wi-Fi network to securely send the latest temperature, humidity, alarm status and all its settings to our servers. The Brinsea Connect App displays this information conveniently and clearly on your smartphone or tablet device anywhere it has a connection to the internet. You can make changes to settings on the app and it sends the new settings back through our servers and to your incubator.

What happens if my Wi-Fi connection fails? Are my eggs at risk?

Your Connect app gives you control of your incubator at your fingertips on your Smartphone. In the event of a Wi-Fi connection failure, the Connect incubator works in exactly the same way as a conventional Brinsea incubator, with the same menu driven control system which can still be operated via the control panel and display. A loss of remote connection will not jeopardise your hatch.

How do I erase all my personal data that you hold for Brinsea Connect?

You can delete your Brinsea Connect Account at any time using the app. If you would prefer not to use the app and would like to delete your data, you can simply send a request to sales@brinsea.co.uk and we will perform this within 30 days and notify you when this is done.

How do I erase my personal data (Wi-Fi password) from my Connect product?

Simply hold the ‘OK’ button on your incubator and apply power. When the display asks to ‘Reset’ release the OK button and press the button under ‘Y’ to proceed. This clears all password information and restores factory settings.

How long will Brinsea support security updates for my Connect product (Defined Support Period)?

Security updates will be issued where technically feasible for at least the registered guarantee period of the product (1 years).

How can I report a security concern?

Please email support@brinsea.co.uk and we will respond within 14 days. Updates on any subsequent investigation will be provided within 28 days of the initial acknowledgement.

Is Wi-Fi radio safe for my eggs and chicks?

International regulations stipulate safe limits for radio signal strength near transmitters. An independent evaluation by an accredited specialist has been performed to ensure the signal strength around eggs and chicks is well within these internationally recognised limits.

What testing has the machine had, how do I know it’s safe to use?

All Brinsea products are tested in accordance with the latest relevant safety standards. The radio transmitter for W-Fi has been subject to independent evaluation to ensure the signal strength around eggs and chicks is well within internationally recognised limits.

Can I retro-fit the Connect technology to my incubator?

It is not possible to retrofit the Connect technology into an existing Brinsea incubator. The Connect technology has been in development for over three years and although the incubator works in exactly the same way, the technology is completely different. The Connect products have different circuit boards, different microprocessor chips with hardware necessary for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability, they also have an internal aerial. The app will have new features coming in the future that all Connect products will benefit from.

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