As specialists in egg incubation, Brinsea have worked closely with many bird of prey breeders since the 1990’s to optimise the incubation of these rare and valuable birds. One result has been Brinsea’s patented contact incubation models which mimic the natural nest and warm the eggs by contact – just like the parent bird. This approach leads to improved vein development in early stages of incubation and stronger chicks.

Leading raptor breeders have used Brinsea’s contact incubators like the X8 and Z6 for the initial 10 days of incubation with excellent results before moving eggs to conventional forced air incubators. The new Z7 Raptor and K7 combination provide optimum conditions for the full incubation period with improved control and reliability. The Z7 Raptor is Brinsea’s 3rd Generation no-compromise contact incubator for unbeatable hatch rates with wild species.

Brinsea’s Z7 Raptor Contact Incubator is the latest to receive acclaim from the most discerning of breeders and builds on the success of the earlier X8 and Z6 Contact Incubators but with improved turning and an integral contact thermometer which allows the user to monitor egg temperatures more accurately.

Newly hatched raptor chicks require frequent feeding and a temperature controlled environment and Brinsea TLC-40 Advance and TLC-50 Advance are provide the ideal environment for this with their antimicrobial plastics and wipe-clean surfaces.


Brinsea’s TLC-50s are absolutely vital as part of our captive breeding program. They provide a suitable substitute environment to successfully raise chicks for release into the wild to restore declining numbers of the endangered Karearea or reintroduce into areas where the Karearea population is currently extinct. As the only centre in New Zealand that specifically deals with birds of prey, every year we also receive falcon, morepork and harrier hawk chicks that have been injured or abandoned and require extra care in the TLC units until they are strong and able to self-regulate their own body temperature. We are currently expanding our captive breeding program however and we need more TLC-50 units to cope with the extra numbers without compromising our ability to take in young chicks from the wild. Wingspan National Bird of Prey Centre, New Zealand


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Brinsea incubators are the best, and their customer service is exceptional. I would recommend them to anyone. It's one thing to have an excellent product but makes all the difference to have the support...
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Thank you for all the help and advice you gave me this morning - turning the base over was the correct solution to my turning problem - plus you both explained things so that I could understand - nothing...
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Dear all, just a quick email to thank all concerned for the prompt dispatch of my recent order, new motorised end for Octagon 40 arrived today, only two days after ordering. Very impressed. Thank you.
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