‘A year ago I found a hedgehog in my garden that was obviously very ill. Having tried in vain to contact a local rescue I took the poor thing to the vets. It needed antibiotics and a wormer. Having learned how to give them food by mouth and still not hearing from the local rescue I completed a Hedgehog Care Course with Vale Wildlife. Having assistance from CRASH in Poole I learnt to assess and treat hedgehogs. I have had 151 hedgehogs through my door this year losing only three. They were admitted too late and died from fly strike, a terrible way to die. The rest are either in the rescue being cared for or have been released back into the wild.

I had a very sad day, I lost four baby hoglets to a heat pad malfunction. The remaining baby was not looking good either, I really needed an incubator. I set up a crowdfunding page on Just Giving, and was lucky enough to receive a large grant from Animal Canopy which enabled me to complete my purchase and because Brinsea were running their BHPS promotion I managed to save more money on the larger TLC-50 and I also got free shipping!

I lost five baby hedgehogs prior to receiving my TLC Incubator, now I can’t live without it. It provides a safe, warm and secure place to raise those poor orphaned babies who are all now doing well and thriving now their environment is at a constant temperature.

Thank you so much. I love Brinsea.’


Hedgehog Rescue of Hazelbury Bryan

If you’d like to donate to Jeanette’s campaign to buy a portable TLC-30 incubator please click here…


Esso, the tiny hoglet in the TLC-50 Eco


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