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Congratulations to Holly Markell-Taylor, winner of the £100.00 voucher in our latest ‘Rate, Review, Win!’ competition. Holly foster rescues and rehabilitates birds for ‘Wild Things Wildlife Rescue’ in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, this can be anything from teeny tiny featherless baby sparrows to fully grown adult pigeons.

Holly said, ‘I am so grateful to have won. My first Brinsea incubator purchase was the best investment I have ever made towards animal rescue and I highly recommend them to everyone wanting to start out rescuing babies of any species.’

Brinsea mugs were won by Sue Gee, Kenneth Andersen, Morgane Ristic, Amy Jones and Anita Thompson. We look forward to seeing photos of them in use!

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Paul Albertson, Lakeview, Oregon. USA
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As always, Brinsea ‎giving me the technical advice I need in double quick time. Thank you so much.
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When I decided to buy an incubator and sure it was the first time I was getting one - I thought of Brinsea... why did I think of Brinsea? I was looking for organic food for chickens and I saw this cute...
Dr. Maheen Kamran, Pakistan
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