We were so excited to hear the news yesterday that the population of the amazing kākāpō has reached 200 today, with the latest chick (Esperance) becoming a juvenile – this is when birds are added to the official tally. There are probably more kākāpō alive now than at any time for ≥70 years.

The Kākāpō Recovery Programme first began in 1995, when the population in New Zealand had fallen to an all time low of just 51 individual birds. With extra funding and a dedicated team of people as well as a specialised advisory group the kākāpō population has slowly grown since then. Brinsea’s Maxi II EX incubators are used in the recovery programme, and we are very proud to play a small part in their recovery. Find out more about these charismatic birds by clicking here…


One of the Brinsea Maxi II EX incubators used in the project and a kākāpō hatchling.


















Photos by Deirdre Vercoe – Manager of the Department of Conservation’s kākāpō/takahē team, New Zealand.

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