Ethan Tyrer with his new incubator.

Hi, I’m Ethan, myself and family were invited for a tour of the Brinsea factory and the Research and Development department.

We arrived super-excited in expectation of the tour and purchasing my new Brinsea Incubator. Sally, the Marketing Manager, welcomed us into the building. After a brief explanation about the different incubators we were shown around the factory floors. On the ground floor we saw Richard who was preparing the OvaEasy motors to go into a box on test, which had the same environment as an incubator. They would stay in there for up to a year which would be equivalent to them working for 60 years, this was impressive.

Before heading upstairs, we got to see an all-new product that has just gone on sale; the Chick Safe Eco, an automatic door opener for poultry. On the second floor there were lots of OvaEasy incubators being made; these professional cabinet incubators can hold over 100 hens’ eggs. Craig was tinning parts ready to go into the OvaEasy incubators. Mark was getting parts ready to build the TLC Intensive Care Units. Brinsea sell these all around the world to animal rescue centres, individual rehabbers, to conservation projects and zoos – they are also used for bird of prey and parrot rearing.

Resuming our tour on the ground floor we headed into the Research and Development Department where we met Trevor Hudson who is the Technical Director and Mike who is the Compliance Officer. Mike makes sure everyone is following the regulatory standards. It was really cool seeing how all the incubators were designed; they are even 3D printed before they are manufactured to see what they will look like! We then went into the sales office and met Marc Wilson who is in charge of the Export Sales. Brinsea export worldwide and have distributors in 44 countries.

I was extremely excited to purchase my new Brinsea incubator. After owning a cheap Chinese incubator, I made many YouTube videos on it as I discovered that there was no way to control the humidity and temperature. I definitely needed to upgrade! Brinsea make all of their incubators in the UK and they showed me why their range of incubators are much safer and higher quality. I was planning on buying the Brinsea Maxi II Eco, however as I am hatching Indian Runner and Cayuga Duck eggs, I definitely needed something larger. Emily who works with Juliette in the UK Sales Department offered some advice on what incubator would be best for my large duck eggs. I decided to go for the Brinsea Ovation Eco 28; as that will turn the eggs for me (I can change how often I want them to turn as well). It’s really easy to control the humidity so I’ll have no problem regarding that! I was also given some large egg holders as the standard ones were not quite large enough for my duck eggs. To candle my duck eggs and any further eggs I hatch, I purchased the OvaView and OvaScope, this will allow me to see the growth inside the eggs as they develop.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Brinsea, the tour was amazing, I thoroughly enjoy myself it was an experience I will never forget!

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