We have recently had several Amazon customers register their incubators for their 3-year guarantee on our website. It’s been very worrying to see that although the customers are in the UK, their new incubator has been shipped to them from USA. These products are US specification incubators, and are not safe be used in the UK due to voltage and plug incompatibility. We have alerted Amazon UK and Amazon USA to this serious safety issue.

Please contact Amazon urgently if you are in the UK and have purchased an incubator from them and have a serial number with ‘C/’ in it and an incorrect plug type. This product is not safe to use in the UK and you should return it to them and request a refund.

Update: We had a customer from Thailand contact us asking if a product he purchased from Amazon.com was safe to use in his country. The advice from our Technical Department is:

‘If the plug on the power supply unit or mains lead that came with the appliance is correct for those usually found in the region and the local mains voltage is within the range marked on the power supply unit (or on the appliance if there is no external power supply unit) then it may be used in that location. Please note if it has not come with the correct plug type you should contact Amazon and click on the return request and explain why.’

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