Chloe and Teddy from Pexhill Poultry

We are a small family business called Pexhill Poultry, based in Macclesfield, Cheshire. Pexhill Poultry is run by Chloe and Cliff (with our little assistant, baby Teddy!) and we have been hatching ducklings since 2019. We have 16 ducks of our own and find they are a fun and cute addition to our garden.

When buying our ducks, we quickly realised how difficult it can be to find ducks locally. For this reason, we started hatching our own and now sell Aylesbury and Khaki Campbell ducklings, as well as our fertile eggs for people to hatch their own. We enjoy keeping in touch with the families that our ducklings go on to live with via our Facebook page ‘Pexhill Poultry’ and particularly enjoy all the lovely photographs that we receive of the ducklings as they grow.

We currently own three Brinsea incubators: the Ovation 28, the Ovation 56 and our most recent purchase the OvaEasy 380. The best features of the OvaEasy incubator are the ability to control everything without having to open the door and how easy it is to set up and use. It also has a tidy, sleek look and we so pleased that we decided to invest in this larger machine.

We have found that Brinsea incubators are the most reliable on the market and provide us with very successful hatch rates.  We would only recommend Brinsea incubators due to their reliability, their well-designed products and the fantastic customer service. On the odd occasion that we have needed to ring customer support we have found them to be fantastic. They are always quick to answer, knowledgeable and helpful and when we did need a part, they dispatched it next day delivery quibble free.

We also use the Brinsea Eco Glow brooders for our hatchlings as again we have found these to be ideal for keeping the young ducklings warm and safe, under a more natural ambient light. We always recommend these to families who are new to keeping ducklings and wish to buy them from us before they are old enough to go outside.

Thank you to Brinsea for their great products and ongoing support throughout our journey so far!

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Thanks for your help, with the stone curlew. You couldn't have been more helpful with us in your advice with the stone curlew chick we succesfully hatched and the two pheasant chicks that quickly followed....
Jim Gregory, Animal Centre Manager, Brent Lodge Animal Centre
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Thank you for helping me to fit my tubing, you saved me the long drive, I got home and it's bang on 65% - very well done - thanks a million. Thanks to you it's been a great day - any chance you could forward...
Mal Bone,  Perth, Australia
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Brinsea all the way. Not just because it's cracking equipment that's safe. But it's a uk business too. And you've gotta spend money in the uk if you can. Well done to you guys for being market...

Damien Russell
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