Tawny owls, Twiglet and Willow were taken to the Wildlife Orphanage when the tree they had hatched in was chopped down and they were abandoned by their parents. They spent vital days in a TLC-40 incubator, without this vital piece of equipment it is unlikely that they would have survived. With care and dedication from Annette Pyrah, Willow and Twiglet are now thriving. The TLC incubator provided a warm, clean, quiet, safe and reliable haven for these orphaned birds. Many young babies need extra help to survive in the early days and a safe, secure, controlled environment gives them the best chance to recover and thrive.

Annette recently received a phone call out of the blue from a raptor group who knew of a nest of Tawnies & asked if Willow & Twiglet could be put into this nest. The owlets were introduced to the nest and they are doing really well – it really is the best start in life to be raised naturally.

Tawny Owls rescued by Wildlife Orphanage in Yorkshire

Update: Twiglet and Willow are now in the Tawny owls’ nest. They’ve made themselves right at home! Both parents will now feed them and teach them to hunt which is the best possible outcome the rescue could wish for, plus of course they are now on the radar of the raptor group.


Willow and Twiglet in their new home.


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