We love hearing about people who use our incubators, Fenland Poultry & Game have a great set-up and they told us all about the Brinsea incubators and brooders that they use.

‘We are a small family-owned business called Fenland Poultry and Game, set on a smallholding in the fens in East Anglia. We are just about to celebrate our first birthday! Starting our business in 2020 sure brought several challenges (like many of us), but we were amazed by the love and support of our customers and local community. It all started as a hobby several years ago – which grew bigger and bigger. The more we spoke to friends and family about our passion the more and more it grew. So, we took the plunge and started our business. As a small holding we breed and raise a number of breeds of chicken, along with pheasants, quail, peacocks and guinea fowl. We pride ourselves in rearing the best quality poultry, producing chicks, pullets, hatching eggs and adult birds of various breeds.

We use a Brinsea OvaEasy 580 incubator plus an OvaEasy hatcher to hatch our stock eggs. Both of these machines are brilliant to use! When hatching multiple breeds, this brings difficulties with the different size eggs. BUT this proves easy when being able to adjust the dividers on the trays and not lose space in the incubator. The transmission between incubator and hatcher is seamless. They are also easy to clean/disinfect, which gives us a quick turnaround for the next hatch in peak season. If anyone requires a product to incubate and hatch on a larger scale – we would definitely recommend these machines.

Not only do we breed and raise poultry, we hire out hatching kits too. We find the 21-day process from egg to chick so fascinating/interesting, that we wanted to share this love, passion and experience with the public. The kits give the participants an education into the reproduction of oviparous animals and wildlife conservation along with animal welfare. The hands-on aspect encourages social interaction, a morale boost and gives a sense of responsibility to all involved, whilst still being educational and most of all, fun! We hire our kits on a 10 day hire period, to give the opportunity to watch chicks emerge from the eggs and care for them for around the first 7 days of life. Currently we hire out to schools and nurseries, care homes and domestic homes throughout the region of East Anglia. When hiring out, we use some of the smaller Brinsea machines. These consist of the Mini Eco Incubators, Octagons and EcoGlow Brooders. We find these products very reliable and particularly easy to use, which makes it easy to put our trust in these products when hiring out to the public. We are very ‘egg-cited’ to get started with this year’s season.

We thank you Brinsea and all your brilliant machines and products you manufacture – we wouldn’t be able to do what we love without you!!

Check out our Facebook page or drop us a message on our website if you are interested in following our passion by hiring out one of our hatching kits.’


Ben, Gary, Fleur & Steph – The Fenland Poultry Team



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I've been a Brinsea user for 28 years and still going strong. We hatch 500/600 birds every year, the reliability of the Brinsea machines are fantastic, great products! My father and myself always promote...
Neal Adams
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