NEW - Maxi 24 Advance Incubator

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Perfect for those new to egg incubation, the Maxi 24 Advance provides the convenience of automatic turning with the reassurance of digital alarms and count-down to hatch day. Capacity: 24 hens' eggs

Price: £190.80 £159.00 ex In stock

Key Features

  • High visibility cabinet
  • Automatic egg turning
  • External water top-up
  • Fan-assisted airflow
  • Ventilation control
  • Digital temperature display in °C or °F
  • Countdown to hatch and auto-turn stop
  • Optional periodic egg cooling
  • Room temperature alarm
  • Incubator temperature alarm
  • Power fail indicator
  • Programmable turn interval and angle
  • Hatching mat & hen and duck egg disk quadrants supplied as standard
  • Quail and Goose egg disk quadrants available separately
  • Protected by Biomaster antimicrobial additive
  • 3 year guarantee when registered online
  • Customer support online, by email and phone
  • Servicing options outside of guarantee period
  • Made in Great Britain


NEW Maxi 24 Advance - now available at at a lower price!

Capacity: 24 hens' eggs

Perfect for those new to egg incubation, the NEW Maxi 24 Advance provides the convenience of automatic turning with the reassurance of digital alarms and count-down to hatch day.

Brinsea's NEW Maxi 24 Advance is a very popular model offering great value and convenience. Perfect for those new to egg incubation, the Maxi 24 Advance provides the convenience of automatic turning with the reassurance of digital alarms and count-down to hatch day. With great visibility of the hatching eggs and the convenience of external water top-up and the latest technical innovations from Brinsea it takes the guesswork out of incubation.

Maxi 24 Advance incubator now holds 24 hens' eggs, thanks to Brinsea's new, innovative system of egg disk quadrants. These quadrants simply clip together to allow eggs of one size to be incubated or eggs of different sizes to be incubated together when using different species specific quadrants. Comes supplied with hen and duck quadrants as standard.

The Maxi 24 Advance turns the eggs automatically and provides digital control of temperature, including alarms to warn of power failure, incubation temperature fluctuations, periodic cooling option and Brinsea's new patented room temperature alarm.

Protected by Biomaster antimicrobial additive: proven to reduce bacterial growth by up to 99.99% and 100% safe for eggs, chicks and humans. Protects the incubator from microbial growth by reducing the risk of cross contamination and provides a more hygienic environment for your eggs.

Maximum Egg Capacities (approximate) as standard when using supplied egg disks:

  • Hen - 24
  • Duck - 12

Maximum Egg Capacities (approximate) assumes optional egg disks available:

  • Quail - 40
  • Pheasant - 24
  • Goose - 8

Comes supplied with one corrugated hatching mat, additional mats may be purchased for future hatches.

PLEASE NOTE: Low room temperature alarm may be triggered at approximately these temperatures to provide early warning of compromised performance - Maxi II Advance: 17°C

Product code: AC261


Product weight (g): 1704

Product dimensions inc. PSU/power cable (mm): 354 x 354 x 165

Typical power consumption (Watts): 24

Maximum power consumption (Watts): 40

The Brinsea Maxi II incubators are subject to EU design registration No: 003007103-0002

Fabulous Incubator

Posted by Charlotte on 24/07/2020

First time hatching in an incubator, the instructions that came with it were brilliant. Simple and effective. The incubator itself was so easy to use and we had an excellent hatch rate. Hatched ducks and hen eggs together. We had 9 chicks and 5 ducklings so very pleased!

Does a good job - a little pricey

Posted by Mike on 08/06/2020

Does what it is required to do - timer feature helps, the rotation and humidity also very handy - have used a light bulb before in a box which also works - just. The product has lots of adaptability for diffreent eggs - so very handy and makes hatching so much easier.

Maxi II Advancedd

Posted by Kathryn on 02/03/2020

Easy to use and a good hatch rate.

Lovely incubator

Posted by Sue Gee on 28/02/2020

Just got my first batch of eggs in the Maxi II Advance Incubator and things are going well. Very happy with it!

Excellent incubator

Posted by Lee on 03/02/2020

This incubator Is brilliant. I had previously used another brand and not had good results with it. Found it easy to set up and the instructions really helped. Quiet and the support you receive from the customer services is outstanding, nothing is too much trouble!!

Great upgrade!

Posted by Jan on 29/01/2020

Decided to get the Maxi II Advance as an upgrade to my Mini II which I love. I breed Heritage and Rare Breed Chickens on a small scale, and these incubators are perfect. Easy to set up, and requiring little attention from me, hatching is fool proof and clean up is a breeze. Highly recommended!

First time buyer of a Brinsea incubator

Posted by Zoe Carver on 12/08/2018

My old RCOM 20 died and reasearched incubators to replace it. I decided to go for the maxi II advance and i'm glad i did. Being able to set the days and turning and not have to change settings throughout incubation is great, my old incubator had to be changed to stop turning and increase humidity. I was a little concerned regarding humidity as this was a big problem with my old incubator even though it had humidity control. I have been pleasantly suprised with the use of a meter in the incubator. It has been so much easier to control. Have hatched 3 lots of chicks and 1 lot of ducks (hatched yesterday). Only criticism is that there is no cover over the water filler and it easily gets dirt and dust in, so cover with paper towel.

So impressed.

Posted by Charlotte Whitley on 12/08/2018

Just finished first hatch in the Maxi II Advance and I am so happy with it. I have been struggling on with an old Italian made incubator for a few years, which always ended in difficult hatches and poor rates of success. I had 14 hen eggs in, 3 were not fertile, so left with 11 at 8 days. Now have 11 lovely chicks who all basically exploded out of there shells with ease, just as they should do. I checked the temperature a few times with a high quality digital thermometer and it was bang on and never varied. Very quick to return to temperature when lid removed. Easy to clean when all done. Would highly recommend, worth every penny.

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  • Brinsea Maxi 24 Advance - Product Instructions

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  • Maxi 24 Product Information Sheet

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  • Mini II and Maxi II - Product Guide

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