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Ovation 56 EX Incubator

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High capacity, convenience and complete control make the Ovation 56 the ideal incubator for the serious breeder. Automatic turning, automatic humidity control and comprehensive alarms provide reassurance of hatching success. Set the temperature and humidity you require given in the user instructions) and let the automatic controls do the rest.

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Key Features

  • High quality, high visibility cabinet
  • Easy water top-up with level indicator
  • Digital display of temperature in °C or °F
  • Incubator temperature alarm
  • Integral automatic humidity control
  • Room temperature alarm
  • Digital display of humidity
  • Power fail indicator
  • Automatic turning
  • Ventilation control
  • Programmable turning interval
  • 8 hen egg carriers, 5 large egg carriers (option)
  • Optional periodic egg cooling
  • Fan assisted airflow with Induced Dual Airflow system
  • Protected by Biomaster antimicrobial additive
  • Customer support online, by email and phone
  • 3 year guarantee subject to online registration
  • Made in Great Britain


Capacity: 56 hens' eggs

High capacity, convenience and complete control make the Ovation 56 the ideal incubator for the serious breeder. Automatic turning, automatic humidity control and comprehensive alarms provide reassurance of hatching success. Set the temperature and humidity you require (given in the user instructions) and let the automatic controls do the rest.

Protected by Biomaster antimicrobial additive: proven to reduce bacterial growth by up to 99.99% and 100% safe for eggs, chicks and humans. Protects the incubator from microbial growth by reducing the risk of cross contamination and provides a more hygienic environment for your eggs.

The Ovation range of incubators all feature Brinsea's new 'Induced Dual Airflow' system which represents a breakthrough in incubator design and achieves new levels of temperature consistency for optimum incubation conditions.

Egg Capacities - approximate and assume standard carriers are used:

  • Quail - 96
  • Pheasant - 96
  • Hen - 56
  • Duck/Turkey - 56
  • Goose - 0

Egg Capacities - approximate and assume optional large carriers are used:

  • Quail - 110
  • Pheasant - 95
  • Hen - 35
  • Duck/Turkey - 35
  • Goose - 15

Product code: AG47


Product weight (g): 4658

Product dimensions inc. PSU/power cable (mm): 583 x 421 x 223

Typical power consumption (Watts): 60

Maximum power consumption (Watts): 115

The Brinsea Ovation 28 and 56 incubators are subject to EU design registrations No: 003007103-0003, 003007103-0004, 003007103-0005 and 003007103-0006


Posted by ANTHONY SHARPE on 05/03/2020

Got the 28 version and this is as good, 95% hatch rate, great machine, would recomend, cannot fault

brinsea 56x

Posted by stephen moss on 02/02/2020

the best incubator that we own very well thought out bit of kit had many good hatches

Ovation56EX Incubator

Posted by TracyMoore on 29/01/2020

This incubator has had the best batches hatched, So easy to use, set the eggs, check daily for 18 days, stop it turning up the humidity wait just 3 day and out the chicks come. very easy to clean. So impressed with the hatched numbers I bought a second one.


Posted by Linda Young on 30/03/2019

I have just received my ovation 56EX incubator it looks great first lot of eggs in it has loads of space , I am looking forward to my first hatch. I have a octagon 20 EX and have had lots of chicks some just last week. Brinsea incubators are great trouble free incubating resulting in brilliant hatching rates, I would recommend them to anyone. Linda

Brinsea products

Posted by Charlotte Avery on 15/03/2019

I bought a Brinsea 56 ovation ex incubator from somebody who unfortunately couldn't use it due to ill health. I would never use another incubator! Brinsea products are amazing. I have two of the same older incubators which I have used to hatch speckled Sussex chicken eggs and I love it. It's great to have some kit which you can set the temperature and humidity on and leave it to do its thing although it's very difficult to stay away from even when I know eggs aren't due to hatch yet. I currently have muscovy duck eggs in my new incubator just waiting to see how they get on. Fingers crossed

EXtra FANTASTIC EXtra fascinating

Posted by Cheryl Wills and Phillip Madden on 01/07/2018

This incubator is Fabulous. Everything about it is so simple and yet it makes perfect sense, not only that it does the job of incubating your eggs with the absolute minimum of input from you.Almost set and forget, although I know we all like to keep an eye on whats happening, and you can, from the clear top you can see the eggs, the digital readout of humidity and temperature,and the fascinating little water pump keeping the humidity going. In fact this is the only area you need to do anything, just make sure your supply of water is kept up. And at the end of your hatch,HOW EASY is this incubator to clean, WOW this is the nasty end of the excersise usually, but with this one piece plastic base it is so easy to wash out. I LOVE IT. Congrats Brinsea Just Brilliant.

Creating New Life

Posted by Graham on 30/06/2018

18 years ago my Beautiful Wife and I took a Coach trip from Sevenoaks Market to Paris, to visit a HUGE agricultural show, there was every thing from hair grips to huge machines and everything in between, including foods and wines and animals and birds of all shapes and sizes, It was then that I laid eyes on my first Brinsea incubators, and saw the quality of the build especially the Cabinets that held something like 600 eggs, my wife, having calmed me down some what, promised that when we move to France you can get one, so here we are 18 years on and I am the proud owner of the 'Ovation 56 EX Incubator' and being new to this incredible method of creating new life, I was absolutely gobsmacked when I went into the shed one morning and saw all these little faces peering up at me with others in the throws of breaking out of there little egg shell wombs all because the 'Ovation 56 EX Incubator' did exactly what it says on the box. And because of that I am now a proud surrogate Father to 16 Jersey Giant Chicks, if only human life was as easy. Thank You Brinsea. Daddy G.

Accurate and easy to clean

Posted by Jeanette Persson on 29/06/2018

I use this one as a hatcher to my OvaEasy Advance 100 EX. The EX-control system for the humidity is very important! If you have problem with the humidity - make sure you use the right size of humidity sponge. Easy to learn and easy to handle. Accurate and trustworthy.

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  • Ovation 56 EX Incubator - Product Instructions

    Download file (PDF 1.9mb)
  • Ovation 56 - Cleaning & Servicing Instructions

    Download file (PDF 1.1mb)
  • Ovation 28 and Ovation 56 - Product Guide

    Download file (PDF 0.8mb)

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