TLC-30 Advance Intensive Care Unit / Brooder / Incubator

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TLC-30 Advance Intensive Care Unit / Brooder / Incubator - providing the warmth and isolation essential for critical care needs for a variety of young, sick, injured or weak animals and birds.

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Key Features

  • Portable - integral carry handle
  • Stackable
  • Clear door for easy observation
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick warm-up
  • Quiet, low speed fan
  • Digital control system reading °C or °F
  • Double-walled cabinet for heat and sound insulation
  • Temperature range adjustable from room temperature to 38°C in 0.1°C increments.
  • Protected by Polygiene Biomaster antimicrobial additives
  • Safe (12v operation)
  • Dual alarms to warn of internal and external temperature fluctuations.
  • Mains supply (as standard) or 12v with suitable connector - car cigarette lighter adaptor available separately (part number 15.45)
  • Simple to disassemble for deep cleaning
  • FREE 3 year guarantee (subject to online registration)


OXYGEN USEAGE: If you require an ICU with oxygen compatibility please visit our specialist Vetario website. The elevated oxygen levels which can be so beneficial to patients' therapy also introduces the hazard of much easier combustion. This means that the higher oxygen levels in an intensive care unit can lead to fire much more readily than in normal atmospheres. The Vetario T40M and T50M have been designed to control these risks and for additional reassurance they have been independently tested by BSI for product safety to the Animal and Medical Incubator standards. The Vetario T40M and T50M models conform to the oxygen fire safety clauses of the current EN 60601-1:2006 + corrigenda 2006 & 2007 standard.

Multi-purpose small animal Intensive Care Unit, providing the warmth and isolation essential for critical care needs for a variety of young, sick, injured or weak animals and birds. With an internal floor area of around 24cm square, the TLC-30 Advance is designed for rescue and recovery of small mammals or birds or for the intensive care of young. The unit is equally suited to wildlife rescue or for pet breeders, where portability and ease of cleaning are key benefits.

Looking for a brooder suitable for parrots? Please take a look at our units with humidity: the TLC-40 Eco, TLC-40 Advance, TLC-50 Eco and TLC-50 Advance.

  • The TLC-30 Advance is portable: it has an integral carrying handle and is stackable. It operates at 12v for safety and can be powered from the mains with the adaptor (supplied) or from a car cigarette lighter (adaptor available separately, part number: 15.45).
  • The clear door is made of tough, UV resistant polycarbonate that can be closed and latched with one hand.
  • The Digital control system on the TLC-30 Advance shows temperature on a digital display in either °C or °F and includes dual adjustable alarms to warn of variations of temperature inside and outside the cabinet beyond user-set thresholds. Simply alter the temperature in 0.1°C increments by using the digital controls to adjust between room temperature and 38°C. The digital controller guards against accidental temperature adjustment. Temperature stability is maintained by a small fan which runs at low speed to minimise noise and disturbance. The adjustable vent allows plentiful ventilation in warm rooms or at low set temperatures which is important for larger animals.
  • The unit is also stackable - the feet from one unit locate in sockets in the cabinet of the unit below.
  • Cleaning the TLC-30 is easy: the hinged door lifts off and the working parts and fascia simply unclip and slide out - no tools needed - leaving the cabinet empty for deep cleaning.
  • The adjustable vent allows plentiful ventilation in warm rooms or at low set temperatures which is important for larger animals.

Protected by Polygiene Biomaster antimicrobial additives - to reduce the risk of infection Brinsea incorporate Polygiene Biomaster Antimicrobial Protection into our TLC-30 cabinets during manufacture. Polygiene Biomaster Protection is embedded within the plastic itself which prevents the growth of harmful bacteria helping to provide the optimum environment for young animals. Proven to quickly reduce bacterial growth by up to 99.99%

As with all Brinsea's products, the TLC-30 Advance comes with a FREE 3 year guarantee, subject to online registration.

Don't need so many features? Find out about our TLC-30 Eco...

Need humidity or a larger unit? Check out the TLC-40 Eco, TLC-40 Advance, TLC-50 Eco and TLC-50 Advance.

PLEASE NOTE: The TLC-30 Advance operates at 12v for safety and can be powered from the mains with the adaptor which is supplied or from a car cigarette lighter adaptor which is available separately, part number: 15.45.

PLEASE NOTE: Low room temperature alarm may be triggered at approximately these temperatures to provide early warning of compromised performance - TLC-30 Advance & TLC-40/50 Advance: 15°C

Product code: HD381A


External dimensions: 297 x 270 x 275mm

Weight: 2100g

Max. power consumption (watts): 36

Typical running power consumption (watts): 18

Brinsea TLC intensive care units are subject to EU Design Registration No. 001779729-0005

TLC 30 Advance

Posted by Samantha McCauley on 27/02/2022

Brought this incubator for my hedgehog rescue to use in my car to go collect sick and injured hedgehogs, I was very impressed with it. Very easy to use and set the temperature. Would recommend this to help with hedgehogs.

Incubator for hedgehogs

Posted by Susan Ashworth on 28/01/2021

I purchased my first incubator last year and it has been invaluable. I used it constantly over the year and really couldn’t manage without it. It’s so easy to use and clean. I intend to purchase another this year.

Valuable Wildlife Equipment

Posted by Melissa Tucker on 29/02/2020

I run a small home based self funded wildlife rescue and we fund raised for two of these TLC30 Advanced Stackable and Portable Incubators. We also have a TLC30 Eco but find the advanced easier to monitor within the rescue setting. We have used it for Hedgehogs and orphaned garden birds it is a highly valuable piece of equipment. It stacks nicely with other TLC30 Incubators we own, it can be used with the in-car charger to transport animals to the vets and when we need to take them home with us. Brinseas products are easy to use and a huge part of what we achieve with getting wildlife back to the wild. Many wouldn’t survive without these incubators. I couldn’t recommend them enough to any wildlife rehabilitators.


Posted by The Happy Hedgehog Rescue on 30/01/2020

We love the whole Brinsea range but this new more dinky version is a real space saver and perfect for the tiddlers in our care. Rescuing without Brinsea just isn't worth thinking about x

Life saver

Posted by Martinshaw Kennels on 24/11/2019

Brilliant, indispensable piece of equipment for any dog breeder. We now have 2 of these which have saved many chilled puppies as well as keeping young pups warm that need hand rearing. Some of the larger models would be ideal for a full litter (depending on the size and breed), we use the TLC-30 as we only tend to have 1 or 2 pups at a time that need help. Easy to clean and operate. The addition of a small light would help but isn’t a deal breaker. Thank you


Posted by Brixham Hedgehog Rescue on 17/10/2019

Love this bit of kit, I keep it in the car pluged in so that it is always up and runing if I get called out on a hedgehog rescue, I can't think why Brinsea has taken so long to produce it!

Will be ordering many more.

Posted by Withington Hedgehog Trust on 22/05/2019

We use both TLC-30 Eco and Advance. I love the TLC-30 carry incubator for transport.We also use the 40/50 Eco and Advance and have Used Brinsea incubators for many years and have both sizes in the large and medium Brinsea incubators. Easy to clean and look fabulous. Will be ordering many more.

Tlc-30 advance

Posted by cornwall badger rescue & brock on 25/02/2019

we bought 2 of this item and had to use one on Friday the 22nd Feb we received a call from a gent that had found a badger cub in the road so we set the TLC 30 up in the car and headed of to pick it up the TLC 30 was up to temp when we arrived and found the badger cub to be about 4 weeks old it was very cold and in dire need of care we placed him in the TLC 30 and headed to our vets who gave the cub a check over all that was wrong was he was hypothermic and needed sub cut fluids witch the vet gave him we then took him home where we now have him and he is doing Ok at this time but would have been another story if not for the TLC 30 being portable a great item

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  • TLC-30 Advance - Product Instructions

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  • TLC Incubator Care Guide

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  • TLC Product Guide Download with Comparison Chart

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  • TLC & Vetario - Use of Incubators in Wildlife Care by Dr Liz Mullineaux, MRCVS

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  • TLC-30 Serial Number Location

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  • TLC-30, 40, 50 Bird Brooder/Intensive Care Units - Product Literature

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  • Oxygen Safety When Using Intensive Care Units

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