Nests, Birds and Incubators by Dr Charles Deeming

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Nests, Birds and Incubators by Dr Charles Deeming - new insights into natural and artificial incubation

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Nests, Birds and Incubators by Dr Charles Deeming - new insights into natural and artificial incubation

The only book for aviculturists and bird-keepers which compares the current scientific knowledge of natural incubation among wild species with techniques of artificial incubation.

Dr Charles Deeming is one of very few scientists across the world with the balance of practical experience to be capable of writing such a book.

Essential reading for everyone interested in understanding what really goes on in the incubation process. The very latest, radical incubation procedures are also discussed.

Contents include:

  • Incubation - A critical part of reproduction in birds
  • Structural and functional aspects of bird nests
  • Egg formation, structure and function
  • Fertilization and embryonic development
  • Behavior of adult birds during incubation - creation of the incubation environment
  • Artificial incubation - importance and history
  • How artificial incubators are supposed to work
  • Small-scale artificial incubation
  • What to do when things go wrong
  • Artificial contact incubation

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