My incubator 1, a Brinsea Mini II eco, failed recently, possibly due to a power surge when it experienced a very short power cut. 7 eggs were without heat for some hours. I heated up incubator 2, a similar model & moved them. Brinsea customer service were extremely understanding, especially when informed I had more eggs ready to set. I was very concerned. I received a ‘phone call after exchange of emails. A replacement part arrived by 1st class post with full instructions for fitting. Both incubators now purring away. I had heard that Brinsea Customer Service had a good reputation. That was proven to me by the help I received. Thank you all involved.

Marion Stapleton Harley

40 years of experience goes into every Brinsea product

Thank you so much for the great support. A loyal Brinsea customer now!
Ruth M
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I would also like to say a big thanks for all your help this morning, it was great to be able to quickly speak to someone who understood the situation and had a great wealth and depth of knowledge of the...
Brian C
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CONGRATULATIONS Brinsea staff and management . i would like to thank you for a first class efficent service in sending me my required part for the octogon 20 . it makes sutch a diffrance to deal with...
James Murphy
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