My incubator 1, a Brinsea Mini II eco, failed recently, possibly due to a power surge when it experienced a very short power cut. 7 eggs were without heat for some hours. I heated up incubator 2, a similar model & moved them. Brinsea customer service were extremely understanding, especially when informed I had more eggs ready to set. I was very concerned. I received a ‘phone call after exchange of emails. A replacement part arrived by 1st class post with full instructions for fitting. Both incubators now purring away. I had heard that Brinsea Customer Service had a good reputation. That was proven to me by the help I received. Thank you all involved.

Marion Stapleton Harley

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Your products are brilliant! Thought you would like to know how pleased we are with the Octagon 20 eco incubator that we have been using for 3 years to hatch Guinea Keets. We have just had the perfect...
Robert Buttle
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Dear Sirs This letter is to thank you very much for sending the adaptor in order to have my incubator back in working order. Once again many, many thanks
John Hunter
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I love your products, best incubators out there. Simple to use, thank you  Brinsea!
Don Birchills
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