Carefree Coops Wooden Roosting Perch

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Carefree Coops Wooden Roosting Perch

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Carefree Coops Wooden Roosting Perch

This fits both the Churchill and the Winscombe Carefree Coop.

x1 supplied.

Product code: 14.021

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Brinsea all the way. Not just because it's cracking equipment that's safe. But it's a uk business too. And you've gotta spend money in the uk if you can. Well done to you guys for being market...

Damien Russell
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Just to let you know that I am delighted with the Ovation performance. I have decided to use the Ovation as an incubator and the original Octagon as the hatcher. At the first use this approach has performed...
Steve Davies
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I buy Brinsea because they are a reliable and trustworthy brand. I know what ever I buy, I will get the best results. Price comparision to other leading brands is second to none for the quality of the...
Carleen Lewis
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