We were browsing Facebook and this popped up in the Brinsea news feed along with a photo of an Octagon 20 Advance…

‘Whilst at our local feed store this Brinsea incubator jumped into my arms saying “You need me”! I have 3 of these Octagon Incubators which are fantastic and made in the UK’

Naturally we had to investigate further and we got chatting to Wendy and Jonathan Turner, owners of Wish End Farm, the home of ‘The Cosy Coop‘ – based in Heathfield, East Sussex. They told us about their passion for hens and our incubators.

‘We started off with just 4 chickens back in 2010 after moving back to England after living in Wisconsin for 9 years. We decided to start hatching our own chickens soon after and purchased our first small Brinsea incubator and brooder at that time. They are both still in use.

We liked the simple and stylish design (as initially we hatched in our living room!) and the fact that the products were designed and manufactured in the UK and were very reasonably priced for an initial set up. Since then our flock of birds has grown to 100 chickens and 15 ducks. We breed for ourselves to replenish our flock and breed mixed hybrid and speciality bantams for sale. We also sell hatching eggs and now run a specialist ‘Poultry Boarding’ business (hotel) called The Cosy Coop.

We now have numerous Brinsea incubators, including 3 Octagon versions and multiple brooders too, breeding chickens in a purpose built hatching room adjacent to our farm shop. A far cry from our 4 chickens and small set up back in 2010. We continue to be loyal customers and big fans of Brinsea products for our ever growing business.’

We wish them more happy hatches and happy hen holidays!


Wish End Farm – use Brinsea incubators and brooders

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