Brinsea’s First App Controlled Incubator is Available Now!

We are  delighted to announce the launch of our cutting-edge Brinsea Ovation 56 EX Connect Incubator, our first Wi-Fi connected incubator. This is a game-changer for poultry breeders. Whether you’re nurturing a clutch of precious eggs or managing a thriving hatchery, this incubator combines convenience, capacity, and control like never before.


How It Works:

  1. Download the App from the App Store or Google Play. It’s free and user-friendly.
  2. Set Up Your Incubator: Simply set your eggs and adjust the settings using your phone (temperature, humidity), and let the Ovation 56 EX Connect work its magic.
  3. Monitor and Control: Use the app to check on your eggs, receive alerts, and fine-tune conditions. Whether you’re at home or halfway across the globe, your incubator is at your fingertips.


The Brinsea Connect app allows the user to operate and monitor the Ovation 56 EX Connect incubator remotely, using your local Wi-Fi network. The easy to use app includes extra features such as count down to hatch and the remote connection brings convenience and flexibility to the user. All the incubator functions are duplicated on the app including temperature and humidity monitoring and adjustment, settings and notifications of alarms. The incubator control is unaffected if internet connection is lost. Updates to the Connect app will allow future features and functionality to be added to incubators as they become available.

Once you have downloaded the app to your smartphone all you need to do is to scan the QR code on your product and register your incubator. The app then takes you through the setup step by step, connecting to your Wi-Fi network. Once setup is complete, you can then either use the incubator buttons or your phone to make adjustments to control your incubator. Any adjustments you do on the incubator show on your phone and vice versa.


Brinsea's new Ovation 56 EX COnnect incubator shown with smartphone and Brinsea app

Our first review!

‘I’ve just set up my Brinsea Ovation 56 EX Connect, very excited to own this amazing bit of kit. Very easy to set up, and to connect to the app on my phone. I love the way I can control temperature, humidity etc all from the app. Also it has a count down to hatch day.’ Mike Catterall






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