Incubation Disinfectant Concentrate - 100ml

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Incubation Disinfectant Concentrate - 100ml

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Brinsea's disinfectant (fully biodegradable halogenated tertiary amines) is formulated to be used for sanitising eggs, incubators, brooders and intensive care units.

Available in concentrated form, Brinsea's Incubation disinfectant is both safe and effective against yeasts, fungi, viruses and bacteria which can cause fatal damage to the growing embryo.

100ml of disinfectant concentrate makes 10 litres (2.64 gallons).

Also available in a pack of x6 100ml bottles - product code: 14.36

Product code: 14.35


Posted by lloyd Collins on 11/08/2018

A Great product use this on my incubator, brooder and feeders. Dilute with water has nice aroma to it.


Posted by Jo Charles-lee on 11/07/2018

Easy to use a little goes a long way and does what it says.

A must for any breeder.

Posted by Charlotte Clare on 21/09/2017

Does the job and sterilises incubators and brooders after use.

an absolute must

Posted by Dave McNaught  on 18/12/2015

an absolute must for any bird keeper , without this i do not feel that my birds and chicks are getting the full attention the need...always make sure i have some in.

Easy to follow instructions

Posted by Samantha yarwood  on 30/11/2015

Nice smelling stuff, not to potent on the nose and kind to the hand. Easy to follow instructions.

Excellent product

Posted by Christine Fuller  on 30/11/2015

An excellent product and very quick and easy to use.

A little bottle really does a lot of disinfecting.

Posted by Mrs C. Fuller  on 20/10/2012

I have kept chickens for 44 years and am still learning new ways of doing things, but I would not change from Brinsea Incubation Disinfectant Concentrate for disinfecting my incubators and my eggs.

Love this product.

Posted by Steff on 13/09/2011

I love this product, I have used it to clean out incubators after hatching, feeders and drinkers and plastic bird carriers after shows. It is my must have product in the chicken shed

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I have a ova 190 which incubates everything from goose eggs to quail. I have just hatched some partridge and mallard eggs, which my husband brought home after someone disturbed the nests while cutting...
Lottie James
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Thank you for your quick response and for the very clear diagram which even an old guy like me can follow. Thank you for a great product which coupled with the incubator have given two old fools a couple...
Ivor Fletcher, Co. Antrim
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I buy Brinsea because they are a reliable and trustworthy brand. I know what ever I buy, I will get the best results. Price comparision to other leading brands is second to none for the quality...

Carleen Lewis
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