OvaView High Intensity Egg Candling Lamp

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OvaView High Intensity Egg Candling Lamp

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The OvaView High Intensity is similar to the OvaView but with a much higher light output from a higher spec LED. The greater power makes inspection of darker and mottled egg shells easier. Supplied with both the normal flexible black ring to seal against the egg shell plus a smaller version for smaller eggs.

The larger power drain means that rechargeable AA batteries are required, these may be purchased from many electrical and retail outlets.

Free 3 year guarantee when registered online

Protected by Biomaster antimicrobial additive: proven to reduce bacterial growth by up to 99.99% and 100% safe for eggs, chicks and humans. Protects the incubator from microbial growth by reducing the risk of cross contamination and provides a more hygienic environment for your eggs.

Product code: F190


The OvaView is subject to EU Design Registration No. 001779729-0004

Fantastic item

Posted by Rob on 27/02/2020

Brilliant item, was looking for something on my duck eggs, which is always and little hard to find, however worked great, wouldn't use anything else.

Best candler on the market!

Posted by James McCallion on 15/02/2020

Fantastic egg candler, extremely bight light allowing for easy candling of even the darkest shelled eggs. No power cord, which makes it even better as it can be used absolutely everywhere, whether thats for a broody in the barn or the incubators in our garage. Highly recommend to all poultry fanciers, experienced and starting out.

Candling made easy

Posted by Lisa Forrester on 03/04/2019

fab product. having disabilities Ive always struggled trying to candle eggs , holding them and the light without dropping precious eggs but this was fantastic . The candling lamp very effective and keeps my eggs safe too …

Awesome product

Posted by Tracy jenner on 19/01/2018

This is a very easy to use candle lamp. The fact that there is no power cord means I can take it anywhere to use. Can see through dark eggs too. Highly recommend

Can’t live without it.

Posted by Nicola Holland on 20/10/2017

Bought this some time ago, can’t live without it.

Really chuffed with my candler.

Posted by James Stevens on 26/06/2015

I'm amazed I never had one before its a fantastic bit of kit.

Great even with really dark brown eggs

Posted by Clare Beebe on 25/05/2015

a must to any breeding programme. Great even with really dark brown eggs you get a clear view of fertility

Worth its weight in gold.

Posted by silverfox0786  on 25/10/2012

~Now here is a candler that is worth it weight in gold. the best i have used and brilliant for dark eggs it will even give good results when candling in the day as the light is so intense and only 4 AA batteries to power it which lasted me 2 sets of incubation of daily candling (thats about 50 odd days or so)

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