OvaScope - Aid to Egg Candling

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OvaScope - Aid to Egg Candling

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The Brinsea OvaScope is a very effective accessory for use with the OvaView or OvaView High Intensity candling lamps. The OvaScope fits over the OvaView, and the egg is then placed within the OvaScope and the egg cover replaced. The OvaScope cuts out all the ambient light and slightly magnifies the egg which makes the illuminated egg much easier to see. The egg can be rotated from outside the OvaScope to allow the egg to be viewed from a range of angles and there is the facility to fix a small camera or webcam to generate a digital image of the egg and embryo. There is a lug on each side of the eyepiece tube so that a typical webcam can be held in place using an elastic band (see the instruction leaflet for more details). We don't stock or specify a particular webcam, all the ones we have tried so far have worked. Your webcam will need to have focus adjustment to ensure you get a good image of the embryo. The OvaScope makes candling much easier and is ideal for schools or for presentations.

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The OvaScope is available on its own or in a pack with the OvaView (part number F210)

Product code: F200


The OvaScope is subject to EU Design Registration No. 001779729-0003


Posted by James McCallion on 15/02/2020

Takes a little longer to candle the eggs, but means the egg is a lot safer during the whole process. Perfect for candling in the daylight too, with no more bumping around in the dark! Also works great for taking 360 degree pictures of the eggs, during the incubation process for our poultry talks and facebook page, due to the turn table! Highly recommend.

Well done Brinsea!

Posted by Diane Bavington on 20/10/2017

I have a candler and ova scope . Both brilliant amazed at how much clearer it was and made life a bit easier on the dark eggs. Does exactly what it says it does .

Well, what can I say about this apart from fantastic.

Posted by Lesley Main-Reade on 20/10/2017

I used to grab an egg from the incubator and rush into the kitchen cupboard shut the door and view my precious Cato with the Ovascope which is a great little item to I hasten to add but by getting this with the Ovaview I was able to view the eggs any time of day and more safety. No more running.

I really want an OVASCOPE.

Posted by sandra on 15/03/2012

I hear so much good things about the Ovascope. Unfortunaly is hard to find one here in the Netherlands, the ones I have found are about 50 pounds :( so I am saving some money to buy one soon.

This is a great product.

Posted by Linda Barker on 13/09/2011

I wish I'd bought it sooner having struggled to candle eggs with hand held torch-like lamps in the past. Used with the Ovaview this product makes candling eggs so much simpler.


Posted by Jane on 13/09/2011

Made candling really easy- and fun to involve the children. Only complaint is it isn't large enough for goose eggs.

This is really great fun for the Techno Nerd !

Posted by Markus Radscheit on 13/09/2011

A small, but significant addition to my earlier comment: I was able to attach our VERBATIM PC Web Camera onto the top of th Ovoscope. It fits perfectely well: we could safe the images on our PC and could email them of to friends to show.

So easy to use and so interesting.

Posted by Vicki Wilson on 13/09/2011

I have always used a torch in a dark room before but the ovascope was a revelation. the children love looking to see the chicks developing "its like magic" being able to see inside the egg and see a tiny beating heart. Plus no more unfertile eggs left to rot in the incubator!

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