Liquid-in-Glass Thermometer - °C

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Liquid-in-Glass Thermometer - °C

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Key Features

  • Covers the temperature range 25 - 41°C with high accuracy necessary for incubation use.
  • Made in Great Britain.


Manufactured to Brinsea's specification, it covers the temperature range 25 - 41°C with high accuracy necessary for incubation use.

Suitable for:

  • Mini Eco
  • Mini II Eco
  • Maxi II Eco
  • Octagon 20 Eco
  • Octagon 40 Eco
  • Polyhatch and Hatchmaker incubators
  • TLC-30 Eco
  • Vetario S30

Please note: This thermometer will not fit a wet bulb.

Made in Great Britain.

  • Brinsea supply fitting instructions for this spare part - these must be followed and the parts fitted by a suitably qualified person.
  • Brinsea Products Ltd. will not be liable for and loss or damage associated with incorrect fitting of spare parts.
  • Please ensure that you have read your warranty conditions before attempting to install a part or otherwise repair the product.
  • Brinsea Products Ltd. will not be held responsible if the product is damaged or your warranty is voided.
  • Where appropriate, your guarantee is on condition that you use a qualified technician. If in any doubt please contact us:
  • If in doubt please return your product to Brinsea Products Ltd. for our qualified engineers to repair.

Product code: 14.231

Easy to read

Posted by Philip Shaw on 15/01/2018

Very clear and easy to read.

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