Chick Enclosure Panels

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A set of 8 interlocking plastic panels to enclose chicks.

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A set of 8 plastic panels which interlock to form an enclosure about 860mm (34") diameter, suitable for young precocial chicks, fowl, quail, waterfowl, etc.

Easy to clean, ideal for use with the EcoGlow 20 chick brooder.

Product code: HE100


Posted by Jo Charles-lee on 11/07/2018

Easy to keep clean, easy to store and easy to slot together.

chicks were over the top by day 2.

Posted by Sue Chapman  on 26/04/2015

flimsy and slots irregular as if cut by hand not machine. Not the quality of other Brinsea products I own.

Usefull product and easy to clean.

Posted by Markus Radscheit on 09/07/2014

I am using the chick enclosure panels and they turned out to be really helpful keeping the chicks together. They are high enough for them not to jump over. Assembled they for an polygon of about 1,2 diameter - enough for the first two weeks. The only slight issue is that you need to be very careful not to snap them. I use the sheets actually in a different way along the rabbit cage, where the chicks grow up: it put them along the edges to keep the inside draft free.

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