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Micro Switch for OvaEasy Advance Incubators
  • £6.48
  • £5.40 ex
Door Hinge for OvaEasy range of incubators
  • £4.15
  • £3.46 ex
Replacement Feet for OvaEasy Incubators
  • £1.12
  • £0.93 ex
Mains Transformer for OvaEasy Incubators
  • £21.97
  • £18.31 ex
Replacement Fan for Ovation 28 & 56 Incubators
  • £21.86
  • £18.22 ex
Nests, Birds and Incubators by Dr Charles Deeming
  • £9.95
  • £9.95 ex
Small Egg Disk for Mini Incubators
  • £19.75
  • £16.46 ex
Universal Egg Tray - for all OvaEasy Incubators
  • £26.78
  • £22.32 ex
Hatching Tray for all OvaEasy Incubators
  • £26.04
  • £21.70 ex
Hen Egg Tray for all OvaEasy Incubators
  • £17.72
  • £14.77 ex
​Quail Egg Tray for all OvaEasy Incubators
  • £18.06
  • £15.05 ex

40 years of experience goes into every Brinsea product

Very helpful company. I have a 2005 incubator made by them that has been in more or less constant use since I bought it new. I dropped it yesterday and broke the fan, called them up and it being so old...
Jo Flanders
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Brinsea incubators are the best, and their customer service is exceptional. I would recommend them to anyone. It's one thing to have an excellent product but makes all the difference to have the support...
Emily Shute
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Just to let you know that I am delighted with the Ovation performance. I have decided to use the Ovation as an incubator and the original Octagon as the hatcher. At the first use this approach has performed...
Steve Davies
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