Mini II Eco Incubator

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Mini II Eco Incubator

Capacity: 10 hens' eggs

Entry-level, low-cost small incubator ideal for the beginner.

Price: £76.38 £63.65 ex In stock

Key Features

  • High visibility top
  • External water top-up
  • Fan-assisted airflow
  • Glass thermometer
  • Protected by Biomaster antimicrobial additive
  • 3 year guarantee


Capacity: 10 hens' eggs, an entry-level incubator, table top size, ideal for the beginner.

The Mini II Eco combines the fundamental high quality design of its more sophisticated models with simplicity of use. Eggs need to be manually turned twice a day.

Comes supplied with one corrugated hatching mat, additional mats may be purchased for future hatches.

Protected by Biomaster antimicrobial additive: proven to reduce bacterial growth by up to 99.99% and 100% safe for eggs, chicks and humans. Protects the incubator from microbial growth by reducing the risk of cross contamination and provides a more hygienic environment for your eggs.

Maximum Egg Capacities (approximate):

  • Quail - 24Pheasant - 12
  • Hen - 10
  • Duck - 8
  • Goose - 0

Product code: AB15


Product weight (g): 833

Product dimensions inc PSU/power cable (mm): 245 x 244 x 165

Typical power consumption (Watts): 12

Maximum power consumption (Watts): 20

The Brinsea Mini II incubators are subject to EU design registration No: 003007103-0001

great item for the small breeder

Posted by philip potter on 22/01/2018

i find this to be a great item , as i have only a small garden and small flock of chickens and ducks , i can remove eggs and place them in the incubator so to stop the girls going broody and keep them laying more eggs .philip

Perfect starter incubator

Posted by Tasha on 19/01/2018

After years of using a broody hen I decided to invest in my first incubator, the mini II echo has been brilliant. It's simple to set up and use would definitely recommend to anyone starting out

Wish I had got one of these first

Posted by Neil on 19/01/2018

Numerous attempts with another incubator resulted in a single success and temperatures were obviously not stable or uniform. This little thing is rock solid. The first time and straight out of the box with this and two out of three fertile eggs hatched. Gets very crowded in there if fully loaded with eggs so I had to move the chics out within 24hours. Hand turning three times a day isn’t so bad using a couple of pencil marks at 10 and 2 as in the videos. I cut out a mat from the base of a mushroom crates (a plastic lattice) to stop the eggs rolling around. Can’t wait until new season hatching eggs become available

A good end result.

Posted by Petra Nymeyer on 20/10/2017

I can't speak and write English very good so I will try as best as I can. The incubator has a good end result, but I used it just once.I started with 11 very small chicken eggs (less then 10 normal chicken eggs) but that's a little bit too much for the incubator. Not for the 21 days of brooding but during the time the chickens came out. Two of the eleven eggs where not fertilized, so that was 'a benifit' in this situation.An other point, you have to turn the eggs manual, that'a not a problem for me, but I read you do not have to open the incubator because the chicken could die. Well, I can not turn the eggs without open the incubator.And third, the level of water is too wet when you fill the first part as in description! I used three hygrometers but the humidity will raise over 80%!! I red a tip to cover the little water tank till you find the good humidity. that was a good solution, and at the end of the period I had 8 very cute chickens!

Exceptional temperature regulation

Posted by Felix Bridgman on 20/10/2017

Great incubator, especially if you can be there to turn eggs, and monitor them consistently, exceptional temperature regulation

First time hatch.

Posted by Kim Herbert on 26/09/2017

I have used this product this year for the first time. Have had 60% sucess rate.

An excellent product!

Posted by Etienne Oliff on 21/09/2017

I purchased this for children to use with ducks, quail and geese, and it has served them brilliantly time after time. We are now over-run with poultry!

Pleased with the results.

Posted by Ali on 01/09/2017

Being my first incubator, I was a bit taken aback upon realising that the fan would be on 24/7 (I thought when it got up to temperature it may have switched off only coming back on when necessary) but now, not surprised really and it wasn't a problem. I think even two chicks is plenty in this, falling about and lurching forward; wouldn't want any more than 4 hatchlings in it for longer than 12 hours. I would worry about chicks hurting themselves on the thermometer which does get in the way. From the successful hatch, it's apparent that there was enough humidity just from adding water to the reservoirs as ordered - however, the incubator was in a cool and ventilated area. Thought the postage to NI was quite a lot.

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  • Mini II Eco Incubator - Product Instructions

    Download file (PDF 1.3mb)
  • Mini II and Maxi II - Product Guide

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