Mini II Eco Incubator

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Mini II Eco Incubator

Capacity: 10 hens' eggs

Entry-level, low-cost small incubator ideal for the beginner.

Price: £76.38 £63.65 ex In stock

Key Features

  • High visibility top
  • External water top-up
  • Fan-assisted airflow
  • Glass thermometer
  • Protected by Biomaster antimicrobial additive
  • 3 year guarantee


Capacity: 10 hens' eggs, an entry-level incubator, table top size, ideal for the beginner.

The Mini II Eco combines the fundamental high quality design of its more sophisticated models with simplicity of use. Eggs need to be manually turned twice a day.

Comes supplied with one corrugated hatching mat, additional mats may be purchased for future hatches.

Protected by Biomaster antimicrobial additive: proven to reduce bacterial growth by up to 99.99% and 100% safe for eggs, chicks and humans. Protects the incubator from microbial growth by reducing the risk of cross contamination and provides a more hygienic environment for your eggs.

Maximum Egg Capacities (approximate):

  • Quail - 24Pheasant - 12
  • Hen - 10
  • Duck - 8
  • Goose - 0

NEW! Turn your Mini II Eco incubator into a semi-auto version with our new turning mechanism accessory. Easy to fit and simple to use. The turning mechanism engages with the cogs on the egg disk allowing a simple turn to be made without having to lift the lid off the incubator to manually turn the eggs. Click here for more details.

Product code: AB15


Product weight (g): 833

Product dimensions inc PSU/power cable (mm): 245 x 244 x 165

Typical power consumption (Watts): 12

Maximum power consumption (Watts): 20

The Brinsea Mini II incubators are subject to EU design registration No: 003007103-0001

less eggs

Posted by Theo Coolen on 14/08/2018

The Mini II Eco Incubator is an excellent product except for one thing: In the manual as well as on the box it says there's room for 10 chicken eggs. But I could only put in ten of an average size. So I had to disappoint one.

Perfect for a mini farm

Posted by Jana Hodges on 13/08/2018

I have had this incubator for about 8 months now and I am perfectly satisfied. Quail hatch rate is about 90%. It keeps the temperature perfectly level and there are no issues with humidity either.

Perfect incubator

Posted by Susanna Collins on 11/08/2018

Wow these products and company is amazing. This incubator is so easy to use keeps it's temperature spot on. Easy to assemble. Used it for the first time I put in six quail eggs and hatched five beautiful chicks. I knew I would only get five as on day 11 I candle the eggs and noticed one wasn't fertile. So I had 100% hatch rate. They hatched on different days and was worried when to take them out of the incubator. So I rang customer support and spoke to a lovely friendly lady who explained things to me. Perfect all the way I now have five healthy chicks xx

Brilliant for anyone starting.ya

Posted by Eoin on 10/08/2018

I got two of these as present a couple of years ago, They really helped me start up and learn the process. Great product for beginners. I now use the 380 egg incubators, but am glad I started with this product as I learned all the important basics with it.

Mini II incubator

Posted by Elizabeth Tabberer-Catt on 10/08/2018

I bought one of these for my home educated children. It was the best incubator we could of bought for a starter machine, very easy to use. We hatched chicken eggs and then quail eggs. We had a very successful hatch. They took full responsibility of the eggs. We had a wonderful experience watching the eggs hatch. The eggs were in plain view so we could see every stage of them hatching and then the chicks drying. How on earth they fit in the eggs is amazing. I would recommend this incubator to anyone. The staff at Brinsea were also very helpful and supportive, they sent us pics of all the stages of candling and what the chicks would look like in the egg.


Posted by Jo Charles-lee on 11/07/2018

I've hatched two batches of pekin bantams and had 100% success. Easy to use (I bought the semi automatic kit), easy to clean afterwards. Great visibility. 100% would recommend.

Success first time!

Posted by Elizabeth Felgate on 06/07/2018

I had wanted to hatch some chicks for some time so did my research online. Basically, all the experienced people on social media told me: get a Brinsea. And I haven't regretted it. The instructions for set up were simple - we followed them to the letter and hatched six healthy chicks first go. In fact, all the viable eggs hatched, even though they were mail order and had been through the post! It was easy to keep the humidity right with the external top-up point so I didn't have to open the lid too often in hot weather. I deliberately chose the manual version, both because it was very reasonable. and because it meant my kids could get hands-on turning the eggs, making the experience even more enthralling for them. The unit was quiet - just a gentle hum so we had it in a study room where it was easy to get to. All in all, this was a brilliant, reliable bit of kit that contributed to that rarest of things, a project the whole family worked together on and found fascinating and exciting.

Super incubator

Posted by Susanna Collins on 06/07/2018

A Super incubator, hatched all eggs first time easy to use.

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  • Mini II Eco Incubator - Product Instructions

    Download file (PDF 1.0mb)
  • Mini II and Maxi II - Product Guide

    Download file (PDF 0.8mb)

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