TLC-40, TLC-50, Vetario S40, S50, T40M & T50M Evaporating Blocks - pack of 6

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TLC-40, TLC-50, Vetario S40, S50, T40M & T50M Evaporating Blocks - pack of 6

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TLC-40, TLC-50, Vetario S40, S50, T40M & T50M Evaporation Block - pack of 6

To further increase humidity levels within the TLC-40, TLC-50, Vetario S40, S50, T40M & T50M the water reservoir is fitted with an evaporating block of absorbent paper mesh as standard. This block may be set across the water pan (instead of upright) or removed entirely to give lower humidity levels. Use a solution of Brinsea Incubation Disinfectant (1 part concentrate to 100 parts water) in the water reservoir (pan) to inhibit bacterial build-up. It is recommended that the reservoir is topped up with solution daily to reduce dehydration and it is recommended that the block is replaced every 2 months of use.

Product code: HD053

At last!

Posted by Wixams Hedgehog Support on 12/06/2019

At last, packs of evaporating blocks without filters for my TLC incubators - thank you!

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