In-Car Adaptor Lead for Mini II, Maxi II, Mini Incubators, EcoGlow 20, 600, 1200 & TLC-30

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12v Cigarette lighter type in-car power adaptor lead, 3.5 metre long.

Price: £16.14 £13.61 £11.34 ex In stock

Key Features

  • 12 Volt
  • 3.5 m cable
  • 5 Amp rated
  • Fitted with replaceable fuse
  • 10 x 5.5 x 2.1mm jack, centre positive
  • LED indicator
  • 18 AWG 105°C UL/CSA VW-1 rated cable


12 Volt In-Car Adaptor lead with car accessory socket, LED indicator and replaceable fuse, 3.5 metre cable.

This in-car lead is made from strong cable and has appropriately rated connectors to ensure minimal voltage drop with a cable long enough to be highly practical in use. The connectors have fully-moulded strain relief bushings to make them robust enough for harsh use.

Please note: Use of non-approved cables may create an increased risk of fire or electric shock. Brinsea's in-car adaptors have the correct protective safety features to work with our products and carry traceable 3rd party approvals for product safety. They are also certified as complying with the latest requirements for energy efficiency and environmental protection. Any damage caused by the use of an incorrect product will invalidate the guarantee.

Suitable for:

  • Mini II Eco
  • Mini II Advance
  • Mini EX Incubators
  • Maxi II Eco
  • Maxi II Advance
  • Maxi II EX
  • EcoGlow 20 Chick Brooder
  • EcoGlow Safety 600 & 1200
  • TLC-30 Eco & Advance

Also suitable for the older Mini Eco, Advance and EX models.

Product code: 15.45


12 Volt

6 m cable

5 Amp rated

Fitted with replaceable fuse

10 x 5.5 x 2.1mm jack, centre positive

LED indicator

18 AWG 105°C UL/CSA VW-1 rated cable

Car charger for TLC 30

Posted by Samantha McCauley on 27/02/2022

I bought this to go with my TLC 30 advance incubator so the I can use in the car to collect sick and injured hedgehogs. Highly recommend the TLC 30 for this.

In Car!

Posted by Melissa Tucker on 29/02/2020

A valuable piece of equipment for anyone with the TLC30 incubators! This in car charger allows us to be able to take wildlife in our cars to the vets or for us to take animals home with us without having to remove them from the incubator and allows us to keep them at the temperature they need. This allows us to move the wildlife in our rescue to places like the vets without compromising the most important part of wildlife first aid which is giving a constant warmth to the animals. Don’t attempt to use any other in car charger with these units! You may find cheaper ones claiming they work with these incubators but there are lives at hand here! Always buy the Brinsea products for the best results!

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